Single Execution with a pause and user confirmation

Bot should Execute the workflow process and after half way of processing it should send a mail to user with processed values.
if the user is OK with the values, he confirms for the remaining execution.
if not OK then the execution must stop.

thank you

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do you know any solution for this?
thank you

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Yah that’s absolutely possible buddy
—let’s take like we have made some processing with first set of details with a a sequence of activities
—so here we need to make some splitting of activity sequence
—that is first set of activities and second set of activities
—so once the first set of activities is over we need to use SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY that would send the user with the details of processing transactions
—then user must send back with a unique mail SUBJECT
—so we need to use GET OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY with a looping like use while loop or do while to read that and use condition like this
out_maillist.Count > 0
where out_maillist is a variable of type
System.Collections.Generic.List( with default value as
New list(of
And this specific sequence after the first of transaction getting processed use GET OUTLOOK MAIL activity inside the while loop and are get outlook mail activity should be with these properties
—In filter property
“[Subject] = ‘your keyword’ ”
—in TOP property as 1
—enable MARKASREAD property
and get the output with a variable named out_maillist

Next to this WHILE LOOP WE CAN Place our another set of activities so that till then this loop will run until it receives the mail from the user with that specific subject

That’s all buddy
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification


I’ll try it.
Thank you very much @Palaniyappan

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