Patience Medicine Assistance Bot

Patience Medicine Assistance Bot

Use Case Description

The timely medicine delivery is very important for the health of the patient. In case of some of ailments e.g., BP/ sugar/cholesterol, one cannot miss the medicine for even one day. Sadly, the senior citizens do not keep track of their medicine stock and if they do not have someone to take care of them nearby, then they can easily forget to get the medicines on time.
The following bot will aid in getting the medicines delivered on time so that the sufficient stock of medicine is always available for the patient.
The following steps will be used. The first two steps need to be done one time or in case there is any change in the medicines for the patient.

  1. The bot will get the list of medicines and current stock from the patient in the form of excel sheet
  2. The bot will get the nearest pharmacy number and the patient’s kin who can be reached for the patient (e.g., the children for the senior citizens in our case)
  3. The bot will update the details of the medicines per patient in the stocking sheet
  4. The bot will be scheduled to run every day and check if the patient has sufficient stock of medicines for the next 7 days (configurable)
  5. In case the stock of medicines is less than 7 days, the bot will send the medicine delivery reminder to the nearest pharmacy number (that was taken in step 2) or add it to the cart for the online website (e.g., Pharmeasy)
  6. The bot will also send a reminder for this to the patient’s kin.
  7. Once the medicine has been delivered, the patient will reply to the SMS confirming that medicine has been received.
  8. The Twilio flow will notify the workflow regarding the medicine received
  9. The process will then update the stocking sheet regarding the medicines.

This will ensure that the manual changes of missing the medicines is avoided and the patient’s medical requirements are always fulfilled on time. This will be specifically useful to senior citizens and give respite to their children.



Other information about the use case

Industry categories for this use case: Healthcare Pharma

Skill level required: Beginners

UiPath Products that were used: UiPath StudioX

Other applications that were used: Twilio API (How to Use Our REST APIs | Twilio)

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hello, can u help us with creating a bot for first three steps in workflow please?