Path Exists Wild Card


Can anyone tell me if I can use a wild card with ‘Path Exists’? The path I am using in the ‘Path Exists’ activity is a Variable which consists of multiple other Variables. The problem I am facing is that the path wont identify the file because it is missing the extension is not included (eg. xls or pdf).

The other issue is my bot is downloading multiple files - each file is being renamed using a Report Name and Date. So I can’t give the ‘Path Exists’ activity the exact name (as in including the extension) as the downloaded files will be in different formats.

Would anyone have any solutions to this?

It does not, but if you use the GetDirectories method, you can specify the search pattern for the folder you’re looking for. Then if you get any results with your specified search pattern (2nd parameter to the GetDirectories method), you know that a path matching your search exists.

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Thanks @Anthony_Humphries but I would be looking for a specific file in a folder with hundreds of files… and then needing to check if one exists so I can copy it to another folder

If you’re only looking for one file, you can use FileExists to check if it is there.

if you are looking for file having an unknown dynamic part and a static part
give a try on this