Pasting something

I’ve used the Get text command to scrape a value.
Now I just want to go and paste that value, but when I use Set text to do that it prompts me for the actual text to write. I don’t want to provide it because it would be on the clipboard - how do I paste what’s on the clipboard?

you need to store the value from Get Text into an output variable. Look at the properties pane for the Get Text activity.
You can then paste that variable.

So if I use “Get visible text” and thus scrape the number, and then create a variable to store it will it know that the scraped number is the one to store in that variable?

How do I specify that it’s the stored variable that I want to paste to the correct cell in OpenOffice spreadsheet?

Yes it would

Input on Set Text activity should be set to the variable that you have saved.