Pasting excel into PowerPoint?

Starting a new project at work that I could really use your help with to start off on the right foot! At my job we often have to copy excel tables into powerpoint. However, we are constantly updating the excel tables and have to copy paste the tables from excel to ppt often and it is tedious.

I know that the “paste as object” in excel would do this, but our company will not allow us to use that for file size reasons and issues in the past.

Wanted to here all your thoughts on what actives I should be using for this and/or the best path forward! Please feel free to ask questions and I’ll answer them ASAP! Or if you’ve built something similar that you would like to / be able to share.

Thank you all in advance!

hi @Kylealden15,

uipath marketplace has some ppt related custom activities .

have a look , if you can leverage any.