How to hide password in the UiPath Apps

Hi Community members,

I need to hide my password text from the Login page in the latest UiPath apps version of 25 August 2023, Kindly find the below screenshot and suggest some solution to make it possible.

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@karthickrkumaran ,

we don’t have any password control to mask and unmask text right now into apps as direct approach.

you can do some alternate approach.

  1. Create two variable for New Password and ReEnter New Password
  2. Once user enter text and complete then on change please transfer text to the App Variable
  3. After Transfer to app variable set text box control to ********* manually
  4. Similar you can do from Reenter password.
  5. Implement an another rule to match both variable and if not matching throw a red text below saying passwords do not match.
  6. Same approach you can do into Login once enter transfer to the variable and verify from password storage.

Hope this will help you.


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Kindly check this How to hide the password field with asterisk (*) in UiPath Apps? - #5 by Nithinkrishna

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Hi @karthickrkumaran ,

Maybe another workaround could also be keeping the Background and Font color same, just so that it will be difficult to grasp what is being typed :slight_smile:

@Arvind_Kumar1 , @Nithinkrishna , You could maybe validate if it is a good approach for the current scenarios.

Yes but thus UI will not look in this case and easily can be inspected.

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