Passing Secure Credentials in Robot Assistant


I am using Robot Assistant 21.10.4 and I am trying to pass Secure credentials. The Robot sits on a remote desktop and multiple users will be accessing the bot through this desktop. Is it a way that the Robot can automatically have each user’s credentials stored securely?

You may try the Per User Credential Assets in your Orchestrator: About Assets

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I would like for the bot to pick up each user’s credentials once they log into the remote PC. It would be about 10 or more different users and they all have different credentials

Check this in the Credential asset

I have an older version of Orchestrator. I do not believe this exist in the version I have.

  • Assets per user-machine only work on Robots v20.10 or newer.

Which is your Orchestrator version?

The example was provided from an Orchestrator v2022.4.1.

Tips: Linked assets to other folders cannot have values per user (only Global Value).

I have version 2019.10.14.

yes, i do not think that will work since my goal is to have each user’s credentials stored in the Robot Assistant when the user accesses the Remote PC.

Are the people using this robot as an attended automation?