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I have a question I have created a process that is related to Multi bot architecture. In my case, each bot will pick the same Q items but each bot has to log in their own credential. We can create many assets in Orchestrator.

How can we get the credentials from orchestrator based on different user or Bot?
Because in case my client doesn’t want to use a single credential to process the data or in a single credential we can process very limited data.

Any Idea?

Srenivasan Kannan

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Hi @SrenivasanKanna

Use it with Get Credential Activity

Ashwin S

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The value that can be assigned to an asset differs according to whether the asset is created in a classic or modern folder. An asset created in a modern folder is assigned only a global value, applicable for all robots in that folder. In a classic folder, an asset can have either or both of the following value types:

  • Global Value - the default value received by every robot, unless a specific value is assigned to a robot.
  • Value Per Robot - a value received only by the specified robot. If Global Value is disabled, at least one robot value must be provided.

you will configure in Orchestrator

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This can be done like if we have four different process each can have four different named assets and call them in their respective process workflow so that assets will used in their respective user or bots
We still have other options like windows credential manager if possible even store those credentials in their machine itself and access from there so that we don’t need to depend on assets from orchestrator
This is useful if we are going to use same robot but for different users
Another option is using config file where we can store the credentials as well

Cheers @SrenivasanKanna

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Thank you @ppr @Palaniyappan @AshwinS2 :smiley:

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