Pass Username Password + Right click function + Skip

Hi Champs,

As a beginner, I have 3 queries, big for me, tiny for experts. I do not want to record anything.

  1. There’s a website with 2 input boxes for username & password. I want to be able to pass username & password in those boxes through the sequence.

  2. On the webpage, I should be able to right click >> Select the appropriate option to move onto the next page. I just don’t want to press F2 which we do while recording.

  3. There is a ‘Login’ button which appears, but doesn’t appear if the website was logged in before running the sequence. How can we put a ‘Skip’ step if it doesn’t appear?


HI @ashish.prasad,

use Open browser activity
inside you create 2 type into activity and pass the username and password there

you can use click activity in properties you have the option right click

First you need to check this one using element exists. after successfully login you have the unique one just check that selector get the boolean value if its false go to enter the login details else skip the login process.


Hi @arivu96

My first 2 questions were resolved. Thanks for your inputs. The third one is still not solved & I’m almost have started scratching my head. Can you share any sample where if I do not see ‘Login’ button, it should jump & move on?