Pass Interim Results to UiPathApp from unattended robot

I have created a UiPath App which start an UiPath Process

My process do the following.

  1. Open google chrome browser.
  2. Go to “administration” website.
  3. Enter Login and password
  4. Website display an “Authorization number” which user needs to enter into its mobile phone.

I want to pass this “Authorization number” to UiPath App so it will be displayed and user may read it on screen.

My process is unattended.
I have found a way to pass interim results for attended robot but not for unattended.
Package UiPath.WorkflowEvents.Activity works only for attended robots

Could anyone has ideas how to do it ?

Kind regards

Hi @mateusz.wojcik ,
What activity in this package you need to use?
I see your requirement, sequence with activity can complete
if/else, switch case,… they are similar with flow

@Nguyen_Van_Luong1 I do not know what kind of activity I need to use.
That is why I wrote this post.

This is what I want to gain:
“I want to pass this “Authorization number” to UiPath App so it will be displayed and user may read it on screen.”

Kind regards

I think we can use activity instead of using workflow,
workflow have if else as tree, flowchart
that’s right?
to show with condition, you can use if or if/else , switch case activity
can you share workflow as image, step-by step, I will code demo for you

Thank you for you commitment but I do not think you understand what I want to archive.

The question is not whether to use activity or workflow.

The question is how to pass data from a process to UiPath App befor the process finish work.

@mateusz.wojcik As per my knowledge Interim Result is not supported in Unattended Jobs.

Reference Docs:


What you can do for unattended is:

  1. Run a process on click of button
  2. At the end of the execution send that code to user
  3. Once user submit the code at that data to queue and
  4. Have a queue trigger-based process running and then you can continue the execution.

Let me know if this helps or if I missed something from what you plan to implement.

@Parth_Doshi that is what I was afraid of.

Thank you for confirmation.

I have changed process and use different authorization tool. It is no longer needed to pass interim result for this process

Thank you