Set Transaction Status (REframework) - Pass through an argument

Hello - Does anyone know how I can pass a variable from Main to Set Transaction Status as an argument in the Reframework?

Here are some instructions for passing a new argument to SetTransactionStatus.xaml. You can skip the part where we open SetTransactionStatus.xaml if you do not need to change any parameters within the file.

1.) Open the SetTransactionStatus.xaml workflow and click the Arguments tab at the bottom.

2.) Click “Create Argument” to create a new variable for your argument (in this example, I’m creating an In argument).

3.) Set the direction of the argument. An In argument is only passed to the workflow and not changed, an In/Out argument is passed to the workflow and can be changed when the process comes back to Main.

4.) Set the Type of the argument. Here, I’m using a String variable.

5.) Change the workflow to do what you want to do with the variable.

6.) Close the file and open Main.xaml. Go to the section where SetTransactionStatus is called. This is under the Process Transaction state in the Finally block of the Try/Catch activity.

7.) Click Import Arguments. A popup will appear with all of the possible arguments to pass to the workflow. Fill in the Value parameter with the name of the variable and you’re done.

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Thanks you!

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