Part of selector: change once - changes everywhere

My project relates with 1C:Enterprice application(Russian app). I have realized project in test environment of 1C so I should deploy to prod. In order to deploy, I should change selector almost everywhere, where process relates to 1C. How I can change part of selector at once and have it update everywhere?

Example: change from “” TO " ".

So I should change title from “title=‘BlaBla / Test Env, 3.0, development for К*’ />” TO “title='BlaBla / Prod Env, 3 ’ />”

P.s. only after implementation I realize that the volatile value I had to store separately in string variable.

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Hi @Lorenest,

You can use partial selectors. Please refer the documentation. Once you change in the window, the selectors will be changed to every activity under the activity window.