Changing of Selectors again and again




Can anyone help me in knowing how to handle the change in selectors again and again in whole project. As the selectors are changing on each and every step in random iterations.


How to change the selector of a project in bulk.


use Wildcard “*”


example :
<html app='chrome.exe' title='email automation - RPA Dev / Issues - UiPath Community F*' />
<webctrl aaname=' email automation ' parentid='topic-title' tag='A' />

change it to




I have already implemented the same but by doing the same the selector is losing its identity.



If you could provide some examples, it might be easier to see how the selector can be structured. Normally it can be a combination of wildcards, choosing different properties of the selector (by studying it in UiExplorer) or using variables in your selectors to make them adapt to the situation.

It is really hard to say which way you should follow without any sample data, but feel free to try those methods out (there is plenty of information on the forum about each case).



Actually my point is while running the BOT with one or 2 records. It is working as expected. But while I am running the same with more then 10 records it is giving an exception that selector not found.