Parsing Text by Proper Names in Sentences w/ Certain Keywords

I am currently working on a project for my company that scans public websites for news of mergers and acquisitions of companies. We have a list of keywords that I use to identify the relevant news articles. I have never worked with things like text mining or advanced string manipulation, but was wondering if anyone had any advice.

Take the below sentence:

Switchfast Technologies, a Chicago-based managed IT services provider, announced today that it is has acquired Axcell Technologies, a professional technology service company based in Schaumburg, Illinois.

In this example, the keyword “acquired” alerted the robot that this article needs to be scanned. The goal would be to pull out the two company names, in this case “Switchfast Technologies” and “Axcell Technologies.”

Does anyone know of a reliable way to do this without knowing the company names in advance? I appreciate any advice!