Extracting data from web

Hello Everyone,

I have a scenario where i have to type any company name in google and then open the link search where Services are written i.e. what services those company provide and have to copy all the services of many companies like this.
The problem is every company page is different and there is no pattern as well where i can tell my robot to do data Scrapping.
Can anyone please help me in this or can give me any idea.

Hello I think you might want to harness the power of google. Usually executing a google search for a company with the services followed by it presents you the link to the services page.


Thanks for your reply i checked and found that any company i am clicking and then clicking under services its generating a link/services.html but there are cases that when i am clicking on company name there are no services button inside directly in that page it is showing services.
Can you send me a workflow with at least 3 company name that its opening services and then extracting the name of services since each page has its own format so i am worried like how to extract the data now.
Or you can give any idea so that i can proceed further from there.
Thank you so much.