Parsing HTTP Request

Is there a way in which you can get an element (By Id) from the HTTP Request response? I have tried Get Attribute, Get Text, Find Element, etc. but those all require the browser window to be open (it seems) and I am trying build this bot in such a way that it does not require an actual browser window to be open. I can do this in PowerShell but am trying to replicate with UiPath.

I can see the full HTML page output from the HTTP Request Result, but have been unsuccessful in trying to parse that output to get the specific element(s) to get their values.

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This is (one of) the elements I am trying to get the text for:

<span class='var str' id='SiteNameStats'>

When I try the Get Attribute this is used:

<webctrl id='SiteNameStats' tag='SPAN' />

With an Attribute of “innerText”.

As stated, if the browser window is open, it works fine, but this needs to be done without opening up a browser window. My thinking was that since the HTTP Request Response can be set to a variable, one could just parse the variable for those same elements, but thus far it has met with failure.

Anyone have any ideas?

I have been looking at using Regular Expressions for this but am not sure how to form the pattern to match or if this is even the best way. There are two other values I need to capture in similar tags. It is kind of frustrating because when I run the bot up to the point I need to extract these values, I see everything I need in the HTTP Request response. It’s there, it has it in memory but it does not seem there is any easy way to capture it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.