Parameters in execute non question

I have a curiosity … I am using an activity ‘execute non query’ and I have created the input parameters to put them as values ​​in an ‘insert into’ in the activity, and I wanted to know if there is some way to call the parameters so as not to having to write them manually, which is tiring and can make me miss typing any of them, I mean something like ctrl + space to call the variables, does anyone know how it can be done? If it is possible of course, that if it is not possible it is something that could be implemented I think, but I suppose there will be some way that I do not know. Thanks for the help.


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Yeah by other means we can have the sql statement in a text file with has parameter names as a place holder
With string.format we can pass the values we want to those place holder
Once that is done then we can use that as SQL statement

But even in that we need to specify the values to be called for parameters

So I don’t find a way to call the value without being explicitly mentioned
The reason is if don’t pass the value null argument error will come

Cheers @Antonio_Perez

Thanks for answering Palaniyappan, but I don’t mean that, I know how to use the parameters. What I want to know is if there is some type of hotkey to use the parameters, just as to use variables you can use the hotkey ctrl + space and the list of variables appears, something the same for the parameters

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Got it
It’s the same way for all input fields in property panel
Press ctrl+space for


All the values can be just typed with first two letters of your object so that ctrl+space will give the name you want completely

And these objects like properties, methods, class depends on the namespace you have imported in your project

To check what namespace you have imported click on import tab at the bottom of the studio screen

Apart from these if you want to know the different arguments that can be passed to a method like String.Join
Type as String.Join()
Get the cursor between braces
And press ctrl+shift+space
You will get to know different argument combination that can be passed

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Antonio_Perez

Thanks again for answering and for your interest Palaniyappan, I thank you very much.
I also assumed that it was the same as what you mentioned in your last post, but at least it does not work for me to call the parameters with ctrl + space. I attach screenshots so you can see it.

I understand that within a text string you cannot write variables or parameters, so I have tried to call the parameter directly, without a string, to test if it appears, and as you can see nothing appears


Thanks for your time