Execute query

Hi all!

I try to execute query with parameters. Made a @reqNum as a parameter and use in query “INSERT in dataTable VALUES(‘1’,‘2’,@reqNum)” and got an error “Must declare a scalar variable @reqNum”.
Now I use the 2018.4.3 version of Studio. At previous project was 2019.x version (don’t remember) and the same construction worked. This error because of different versions?

You have to use execute non query activity to insert/update any values in DB…

Execute query activity works only for extracting the existing data from DB

I tried both query and non query. Doesn’t work. The same error.
Without parameters Execute Query works with INSERT

How you are declaring it

This way. Actually name @requestNum, I wrote @reqNum just for example.

Why you are giving ‘@’ in parameters …? try by removing those
I mean keep ‘@’ in Query but remove in arguments

@vinay_reddy I tried all combinations, with\without @ in Query\arguments:)
No effect.