Package version at Job level instead of log level

Package version is specific to Job. Why aren’t we having package version at job level instead we are having it for each log :thinking: . When we need to find the version, we need to go into logs to find its version. If it is available at Job level in orchestrator, it will be easier.

I think maybe this was done for when you view logs in ElasticSearch, and maybe it doesn’t make sense when you’re looking into the “plain” logs from Orchestrator or .execution file

Agreed, that this is primarily for ES. My point is, when we have jobs triggered, each job may not be using same package version (we may have packages with incremental changes). So whenever i need my package version that the job used, customers will prefer orchestrator –as that will be their first point of access–.
So why not we have package version at job level as well !?!

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Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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