Determine which package version ran from Job Log?

Is there any way to tell which version of a package executed from the Job Log? When I manually launch a job, or remotely launch a Job from Orchestrator, I’d like to review the log afterwards and know which version of the package actually ran. I don’t see this in either the Job Details or the View Log output. Thanks!

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Hi @mdagosta,

Yes, this is possible.

Access Orchestrator and go to Jobs. There, you will find a table related to job executions. Note that there is a filter option.

Then, go to the row(execution) you want to know the version and click “More Actions” icon. Finally, click “View Logs”.

Another table will appear and you just need to choose any row and click “View Details” icon.

A new UI will show up, there you can find “processVersion”.

That’s it :slight_smile:

Gustavo, That’s what I’m looking for! Thanks for your help! Regards, Mark

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Any time Mark

Glad it helped you :slight_smile:

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