Package is removed, yet its activities are still being shown in the available list

You uninstall a package; in your project’s workflow the activities appear as broken (as it should be), yet in the activities panel the corresponding activities are still being displayed. Not only in the “last used” ones, but even when you explicitly search for them. And if you drag one, then the “restoring dependencies” dialog and stuff will appear and it will reinstall the package.

If this is done on purpose, as part of the “dynamic packaging whatever activites”, then it’s very confusing. To me, if a package is deleting, then don’t show its activities.

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Have you tried closing your project after deleting the package? I expect the deleted package activities to not be there after you reopen the project

I didn’t bother, @avejr748 . Probably that works, but I’m reporting it as a bug as we shouldn’t have to rely in such workarounds.

Thank you.

It’s how it’s designed. You see the activities so you can use them, and if you use them the dependency is automatically installed. If you don’t need the activity, why would you search for it?

If you go to Settings/Design there is a setting named “Show activities available for install” and you can turn it off. This setting is described in the documentation.


Thanks for the tip of “Show activities available for install”. Then it’s not a a bug, but oh well.

I searched for the activity because I thought it was a bug and it shouldn’t show up, so I did it to test if it was appearing or not.

Note that, apart from search explicitly for them, I mentioned above that some of them were present in the list even after uninstalling the package without having searched for them, probably because they were recently used. Should that be considered a bug or not? I don’t know, but it’s confusing.

I don’t think it’s confusing if you understand what it’s doing. If I don’t need to use the activity, I don’t care if it’s in the list. There are always tons of activities available that I don’t use in a project.

You said it; you don’t think it’s confusing. Your use case might be different from those of others, and that doesn’t have to mean that they don’t understand what they are doing.

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