Package is No compactible version with Windows projects


I am trying to install “GoogleSpeech” activity from Manage packages but its No compactible version with Windows projects.

How to fix this, Thanks in advance.

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It shows that the activity u r downloading a package that doesn’t support Windows project(.net6).
Create a new project with new project type like,

  • Use Windows-Legacy project
  • Modify your activities package to support Windows project (.net6)

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @jai_kumar2

Thanks for the reply.

How can i modify the Activity Package to .Net6

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Check this out

I think this is for custom activities give a try

Few more suggestions

Cheers @jai_kumar2


The mentioned package is only compatible with windows legacy projects, try to create a project in windows legacy and install the package.

Hope it’s all clarified @jai_kumar2

Let us know for further queries