Output in a single line while using Data scraping

Hi all,

I’m using Data scraping tool and when I implement it, I am getting the desired output but when I write it in excel sheet its comes in a single line.
Please find the Screenshot for better understanding.

I want it in the below format.

The extracted Metadata from the data scraping is:


Can anyone help me?

Thanks in Advance

As you are extracting data from webpage this are columns as you can see in metadata that is why they are come in single line
can you share workflow

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Hey @ImPratham45
Thanks for the reply.

webpage- Jobs 2021 - Search Jobs in India, Latest Job Vacancies, Recruitment - Shine.com

From where you are extracting
share screenshot

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Hi @ImPratham45,

The screenshots is just a example, I was trying to extract the data after I fill the details and click submit for a job search.
The area where I fill in the details is shown in the screenshot below.

Thanks in advance

Hi @ImPratham45,

Sharing the workflow.
extractData.xaml (7.5 KB)

Why you are extracting same data which u have entered
nd if you want single line data then u can capture using get text or other text scrapping activity as u are using data scrapping it will used for structured data
For Reference

I don’t want to extract the data that I entered,
After I hit Submit, I’ll get a list of outputs.
That is what what I want to extract.

Thanks in Advance!

share that page link so that i can make sample

I’d pasted the link.
Here’s the link.

Thanks in advance!

ShineData.xlsx (12.3 KB) ShineScrap.xaml (9.5 KB)
Check This workflow
and link


Hey @ImPratham45,

This is what I wanted.
Can we get the link/URL column?
which is URL to these postings.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks in advance

Yes you can follow same process for data scrapping and add url column in it

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Hi @ImPratham45,
Thanks for the reply.
Sorry for the delay.

For url, the link comes up at the same place for any selected item,
So it takes the first input while data scraping, for the second one, I’m getting an error.

Attaching the same.

Any suggestion or help?

Thanks in Advance!

ShineScrap.xaml (9.5 KB)
Pls chk


Thanks for the reply.

Your Most Welcome :blush:

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