Output from "Read cell" from excel not displaying the correct content


I need some help. I have used “read cell” to read the excel cell for “27 Aug” which is a formularised cell = output as a variable. Thereafter, I used “type into” with input as that variable, however, the result was “27 Dec”???

What is happening? I tried to change the format in my excel to date format, text format, general format but the results output for my “type into” still shows 27 Dec.

can i have a view on the sequence been used may be a screenshot if possible
and also the property panel of write cell activity
Cheers @Chiwfoong

It will retrieve the date in full format @Chiwfoong , but won’t change the date

Can you check with a message box after retrieving the value from excel

Read cell into output Var: ClosingdateEmail

Typeinto based on Var: per above

Excel cell Q3 formula which shows “27 Aug”

However, the output from “Typeinto” shows “27 Dec”.

Thanks for helping!

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I tried to retrieve the value, it shows 27 Dec instead of 27 Aug. Its so puzzling.

enable PRESERVE FORMAT check box in READ CELL and try once
Cheers @Chiwfoong

Can you post the format of cell in excel @Chiwfoong?

It’s still showing 27 Dec.

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May I know what is the value of Q2

This is the Q2 value and its in text format. the cell is showing “27 Aug” based on the excel formula.