Encrypt email

I need to send an encrypt email using outlook encrypt functionality.
Outlook mail has two functionalities (Encrypt - unable unauthorized people to read the email and Sign - the email will go with my signature).
My problem is, I created a workflow that sends email using the UiPath outlook app, but I would like to send the email Encrypted and Signed, anyone knows how it can be done?

I also find a VBA code that enables the process to run automatically, just don’t know how to program it in UiPath.

Thank you in advanced,
Luis Turci

Hey Luis,

I am also a newbie to UIPath. Afaik there is no functionality to encrypt e-mails in/by/through the workflow, BUT you can configure your Outlook to send all e-mails encrypted.

It would be very nice, if there would be a possibility to enable encryption directly in the workflow!

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Thank you for the answer…

Yes, I think this is the best solution, I tried to combine with a macro
inside outlook, but I also not sure how to call a macro outside the excel

But the solution to set encryption directly in the outlook sounds good,

Kind Regards,
Luis Turci

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I am having the same problem, there is a activity called Invoke VBA to exexute VBA code but I don´t know VBA.
Could you send the code?