Outlook Invitation issue

I have an excel file which contains Subject, Date, To, Location and Attachment. Now using this I have to send outlook email invitations. Everything is working fine but the date And time read through excel gets changed while sending this invitation. It gets changed to current date and default time. Can anyone please help me with this?

Hi Shivangi, I am looking to send meeting invite through outlook email but facing some issue, can you please help how to send invite using outlook email activity in uipath?

Regarding your date & time issue, if you can attach your excel and let me know desired format, so I can see if i can help into that as well.


Hi Kuldip,

All I did was using keyboard shortcuts i.e ctrl+shift+q to open an invite and then use type into to fill the details and use tab to switch to other fields. For Attaching any file just press alt and N and AF.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks for DateTime help. It is all sorted now.

ok thanks for sharing, I know this approach, thought you had done through “Send Outlook Email Activity” which we have in UiPath. Any idea how to send invite using "Send Outlook Email Activity"in UiPath?

Hi ,
The below activity will send a new meeting request to the respective person Which you are specifying …