Outlook delivery receipts not read by robot

Dear developers,

I am trying to get delivery receipts for mails sent by outlook, but somehow the delivery receipts are not read by robot. All mails are being read but not the delivery receipts. Can anyone please help me with this?

Can you let us know how you are trying to read the delivery receipt mails , I guess you are trying to read the mails before you get the delivery receipts

No they are available in the inbox but not recognized by robot.

I hope you will be using Get Outlook Mail activity where did we mention any filter condition
And also if Onlyunreadmessage property if enabled then we need to ensure that there is atleast one mail unread
Else it won’t pick

And the TOP property should be set more than 1

Cheers @S_Srobot


Do you mean you want to read undelivered notification mails from mail box ?

No, I actually want to read the delivery notification mail. Once my mail is delivered to the recipient, I would get a delivery receipt in my inbox. that receipt mail I want to read.

Yes I am using get outlook mail activity with filter conditions. even if that mail is unread bot is not reading it. TOP property set I will try, can you please tell me what this property will do?

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Hi @S_Srobot

Based on top property it will display top 10 or 15 read/unread message based on count

Ashwin S

With the number specified In TOP it will try to get those number of mails that satisfies the flyer condition if specified

Cheers @S_Srobot

Ok thanks guys, I will try the same and hope it works.

It didn’t work guys.