Outlook Automation_Query

My requirement is quite simple.
What I need to do is,

  1. Every Friday I will be receiving 60 emails in my outlook with a screenshot in it. So I need to take the screenshot in each and every mail and save it in a folder.

  2. And the second thing I want to do is that I have to read particular text in the screenshot and enter it in the excel sheet.

    For example, Am going to work on the timesheet details of all the 60. So they are going to send me a screenshot by entering 8 hours each day. So I will have to enter in the excel sheet with 8 hours for the dates wherever they have entered.

    If in case of any holiday I need to look into the holiday column and enter the 8 hours as Holiday in excel sheet.

Please help me here. As my manager assigned me this task and asked me to complete.


hai punitha,
did you get any solution for your question?please help me too get the screenshots in outlook mail to save in folder