OutArgument output from "Get Full Text" - TypeConverter Cannot Conver to String

So… The activities have been updated and now Get Full Text expects an OutArgument variable instead of a String variable (like before).

If I put a string variable in the output property of the activity, it shows an error and the automation is not validated (so it will not run).

If I put an OutArgument variable I get the following error: “Get full text ‘SPAN’ : TypeConverter cannot convert from System.String.”

So… what is going on? Did UiPath screw up big time with their latest Core Activities update or am I just too dumb to understand this? I had the same issue with the activity “Matches” but I just used a workaround, by calling directly the .net function. However, for text extraction, this is not possible.


The OutArgument Showing in the image is a description saying this Property will give Output Result. image

For your Exception: Try to use Generic Variable instead of String.

That does not work.

Can you attach your workflow?

What for? There are no validation errors. All the relevant information should be in the screenshot. What other information are you considering might be important? Also the program is interacting with a web application, which requires login so you will not be able to run it.

@Testing360 change variable type from OutArguement to String type. It will work.

I know it should work because string was the type it would ask for before, but not it does not. It throws an error when validating the automation, saying it should be fixed before running, so I cannot bruteforce it.