Out Parameter of execute Query always returns 0


This is a re-post as the very same question was originally posted in 2018 but it is closed but I’m facing the very same problem.


I have a simple stored procedure that returns an output parameter. I’ve tested my stored procedure and it is definitely correct and returning a parameter called @TotalRetries and it returns the corresponding values i.e. 5 for example.

As you can see, I’m passing a @TransactionId parameter as an In parameter and I’m using the @TotalRetries as an out parameter and it is supposed to set the totalRetries variable:

Unfortunately, as previously reported by quite a few users in the original post from 2018, it is always returning 0.

This appears to be a bug but I thought I’d check if this is happening to anyone else?



I am also facing this issue, if you able to figure it out , what was the solution? please help