Assign: There is no row at position 0 Execute Query empty output data table

I’m passing 5 ‘In’ parameters and one ‘Out’ parameter using stored procedure. But the output is an epmty table and there is no value came across

What are you doing inside the workflow? How is the table being created/information being added? Are there any other workflows inside that pass around that table? More information is needed about your project before a solution can be given.

Thank you for the reply, im just read an excel—> insert the table into a data table and pass the tablle parameters to MSSQL SP to execute and take back a code generated there. Here is my parameter collection Collection

@JosephNehl I tried Parameters passing with@ sign and without @ sign. Still the error occures

Hi @shaggz

I have one of the working syntax for using Store Procedure in UiPath. This is just an example which is running for me. You can modify as per your requirements.

By using below syntax SP will get create in MSSQL :-

create procedure ALL_BOI (@productType nvarchar(50), @noOfTrans nvarchar(50), @amountPresent nvarchar(50), @recievedTrans nvarchar(50), @receivedAmt nvarchar(50), @netBilateral nvarchar(50)) AS begin Insert into [Bank of India]([Product Type],[No. of Transactions Presented],[Amount Presented],[Received no of transactions],[Received Amount],[Net Bilateral]) values (@productType, @noOfTrans, @amountPresent, @recievedTrans, @receivedAmt, @netBilateral) end

Within UiPath do as below :-




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Thank for the reply, I just want to take output from MSSQL data table using OUT direction @Pratik_Wavhal that is where i am struggling