Out of memory exception on reading large file

Hi, I’m encountering System.OutOfMemory Exception on my robot when it’s reading a large JSON file. It runs properly when I run the process on Studio but gets this error when the scheduled in Orchestrator runs.

I read a lot of posts here about this exception but haven’t really found anything useful for my case. I hope anyone has idea to resolve this. Thanks!

May I know the file size of that json
And also ensure that we have chosen unattended robots type in orchestrator while creating robot
Feee up some space in your system manually

Cheers @kaydine.santuyo

Hi, @Palaniyappan , Do we have any solutions to read large-size (>22 MB) JSON files?

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Just open a new topic for your case and get individually help.

When file size is too large for read text file activity we can check for options like

  • File.ReadAllText
  • File.ReadAllLines
  • Buffered Stream Reading
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