How to open Outlook

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I’m checking whether a specific mail is present in the outlook or not using “get outlook” activity.
But for that everytime my outlook should be opened .

In my requirement the outlook should open automatically and then start checking mails.
Please suggest how can I do this?


Hi @siddhi

Use the start process activity and pass the path as mentioned and it will open the outlook automatically




Configure the “Start Process” activity as follows:

  • Set the “FileName” property to the path of the Outlook executable. Typically, the path is “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX\OUTLOOK.EXE” (where “XX” represents the version number).
  • Set the “WorkingDirectory” property to the folder that contains the Outlook executable.

Hi @siddhi

Hope it helps!!

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Hi @siddhi

Use Start Process Activity


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For sure you can do this, for example following the instructions posted in this thread. However, you will get a more reliable and better performing automation if you do not rely on desktop Outlook, but use instead other ways to access the mailbox (O365, Exhance, imap, …).

Thanks @vrdabberu @pravallikapaluri @lrtetala

It works.

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Your welcome !!

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