Orchestrator Upgrade - Backup

Hi Everyone,

I want to upgrade my on-premise orchestrator, how can i take back-up of data like robots, queues, assets etc into an excel file? Can i get the database schema of orchestrator somehow?

Please treat this as urgent.

Thanks in advance!

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If you have orchestrator means you are connected to one database

So take the backup of that database and you are fine


@Srini84 I don’t have access to directly use the database. I will need the schema so that i can write queries for extracting certain details.


While backup you need to make the database backup, other than there is no way

So you can raise this to who is maintaining the database, no excel transfer will work

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Hi @anmol.yadav,
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You have 2 options ,
I hope you have created 2 server regarding uipath
1.App Server (orchestrator)
2.DB server
If you need the backup of data, it’s in DB, you can backup entire your DB

If you need entire application changes , you can backup as your server ( take your windows admin’s help to backup entire server as App/DB)

And make sure also to backup your web config file