Backup Orchestrator settings

Hi everybody,

How I get backup from Orchestrator settings? I can not find folder name like Orchestrator on local machine where is Orchestrator connected. UiPath Studio and Assistant 23.10 and connection to Orchestrator is form Asistant.


-Orchestrator settings and data are stored in a database. Perform regular backups of your Orchestrator database to ensure you have a copy of your configurations.
-Consult your database administrator or refer to the database documentation for instructions on how to perform backups.
-Orchestrator configurations, such as settings and permissions, are managed through the Orchestrator web application. There might be an export/import feature within Orchestrator to back up and restore settings.
-Log in to the Orchestrator web application and explore the settings or configuration section for any backup options.
-The robot configurations and machine connections are typically managed in Orchestrator. Ensure that you have a record of your robot and machine configurations in Orchestrator.


For 100% there is not connection to database from machine where Orchestrator is working. I really do not see anywhere this option in Orchestrator from web application. I try found it sice couple hour :frowning:

In UiPath Studio and Assistant versions 2023.10, Orchestrator settings are managed through the UiPath Assistant, and the Orchestrator connection is typically managed in the Assistant settings. However, if you are looking for a way to back up Orchestrator settings, it’s important to note that the Orchestrator settings are not stored locally on your machine.

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Orchestrator Backup:
  • Orchestrator configurations, including tenants, settings, and assets, are stored on the Orchestrator server, not on the local machine. Ensure that your Orchestrator server is regularly backed up according to your organization’s backup policies.
  1. Robot Settings:
  • For the UiPath Assistant settings on your local machine (such as robot configurations and connection details), there isn’t a built-in export or backup feature in the Assistant settings as of my last knowledge update in January 2022.
  1. Manual Documentation:
  • Manually document your Orchestrator connection details, such as Orchestrator URL, machine key, and Orchestrator user credentials, in a secure and accessible location. This documentation can serve as a reference for setting up connections in case of any issues.
  1. Configuration as Code (CaC):
  • If you are using modern folder configurations in Orchestrator and Orchestrator API to set up connections, you might consider using Configuration as Code (CaC) principles. With CaC, you can store your configuration settings in version-controlled files, making it easier to recreate your configuration if needed.