Orchestrator에서 SMS 기능을 지원 하나요?

기존 조사해본 Upwire나 Twillio와 같은 서비스를 사용하는 액티비티가 아니라 Orchestrator에서 특정 대상에 sms를 발신 가능한지가 궁금합니다. 예를 들어서 unattended bot의 경우 Job이 트리거 되었다. 혹은 에러 발생 종료 되었다 등의 메시지 전달이 가능한건가요?

Hi @ms26ms,

Currently there are no built in SMS activities nor cloud servers that UiPath owns, which can send an SMS.

Here are few ideas that might help:
First suggestion - utilize email to SMS gateway features that some carriers have.

Second suggestion - you can investigate products such as Google Voice or FreeSMS.net and see if they either have an API or the interface can be automated to send an SMS; but you must read their Terms of Service to see if they allow for this type of automated interaction.

Third suggestion - setup an email listener app on an Android phone to listen for emails from your Orchestrator with specific pieces of information, then send an SMS from the phone to the destination, based on the content within the email. This will require the most effort and may require the development of an Android app if chaining existing apps is not feasible.

Fourth suggestion - research Upwire and Twillio competitors

I hope these suggestions help and let us know what you decide!