How to send limited SMS Notification

Hi Team,

I am gathering Orchestrator information about the Running process from DB and notifying through E-mail in case if any process fails, or did not Run.
There will be around at least 6 process to notify every 1 hour.

Coming to the SMS notification, I can send SMS notification only when attention is seriously required instead of like sending E-mail about every failed process at 1 Hour interval.
How can I filter out about how to send SMS on emergency basis?
Any idea/suggestion will be highly appreciable .Thank you!


I suggest to look for Webhooks in uipath orchestrator and Twilio integration for SMS

Hope this may give you better idea


Sure,Thank you.

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If you don’t want to bother with Twilio, follow this thread. You can send an email to a special domain and it will be forwarded to mobile without the need for 3rd party apps.

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