Orchestrator logs taking really long time to load?

Orch logs are trying forever to load but nothing shows? Any idea guys why this may be the case?


Is the job running in the Robot machine or not ?

yeah it is. I can see the logs from going to machine > then on the robot > view logs

but when i go to jobs and try view it from there it takes forever to load?

do i need to update orchestrator?

Kindly check these stuffs
—is the Robot connected to the orchestrator
—is any job ran from that orchestrator
—only then it will reflect in the logs tab

Cheers @J_Swali

@J_Swali Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m having the same issue. Orchestrator 2018.4

Yes the problem was with the Orchestrator server its maximum hold within the database was capped at 10gb. We take a weekly action to archive the existing logs and then clear the dbo.Logs table in SQL