Orchestrator Logs Growing Exponentially

I recently upgraded to 2019.10 Orchestrator in April 2020 my log count has exponentially grown by the below totals. My robot logging is set to Informational. Are there any ideas on why this could be happening, or where I can change this? Jobs volume has been consistent over this time period.

February – 100K
March – 100K
April – 5 Million
May – 5 Million
June – 3 Million


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Hi @bradsterling
First Tell me that , Are you talking about your Orchestrator DB log (.ldb) file or
your Orchestrator DB ==> log table ?

If you worring about Orchestrator DB log (.ldb) its there is a another method to do

your Orchestrator DB ==> log table , then follow the below referance , you have to make maintenance your DB as mention

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