Orchestrator login

Hi I have a created a workflow in uipath studio but i am unable to run the workflow
can anyone please tell me how do i login to orchestrator

As per the screenshot I can see there is a Robot Error, meaning your robot is not configured properly.

Please refer this video and setup your robot in the orchestrator properly.

Thanks please mark solution if this helped :slight_smile:

Hi! @Seema_Jethe ,

Follow the below steps:

  1. Logout from Assistant and also from studio.
  2. Open the Assistant go to preferences-> Orchestrator settings->Sign in from there…

You will automatically redirect to the Cloud and also this will help you to sign to the studio as well.


Hi, Thanks for the video I have seen the video but I am unable to find machines section in my orchestrator


I think you don’t have classic folder enabled in your orchestrator. enable the classic folder you can add the machines to the folders.

To enable the classic folder follow the below steps:

1.Open Cloud->Orchestrator->Tenant->Settings(Top of the ribbon next to Licenses, Alerts)->General->Scroll Down->You can see Modern and Classic folder options Enable the classic folder.

Diff Between classic and Modern folder:

Find the link:

About Folders.


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