Orchestrator Licensing Release API

Has anybody had any success in getting the /api/Licensing/Release endpoint working?

I’ve tried endless variances of reference in an attempt to get this to work, but I keep getting the response;

  "message": "Invalid argument 'Reference'",
  "errorCode": 1009,
  "traceId": "00-081e3f6bc3a92c4eb5ee13a9e2188586-3de100c55850d0bc-00",
  "resourceIds": null}

Example payload used as follows;

I’ve used various combinations of Tenant ID, Instance ID, random strings, random numbers etc to no avail.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jcb

To use the Orchestrator Licensing Release API with the HttpRequest activity in UiPath, you will need to:

  1. Authenticate to the Orchestrator API using a valid Orchestrator API key or access token.
  2. Use the HttpRequest activity to call the POST /api/licensing/release API endpoint, passing the ID of the license you want to release as a parameter in the request body.


Thanks for your response. I’m aware of how to use the Orchestrator API, it’s this specific endpoint I’m failing to get to work.

What specifics should be passed in as parameters, ie what should I list the reference, type and count as? I’m not sure what you mean as license ID; I’ve passed the license type in (IE I want to release one Automation Developer license), but it’s the reference field which isn’t accepting any values.


To clarify, I’ve spoken with support and this endpoint was only intended for personal use, therefore isn’t usable

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