Orchestrator HTTP request - Output


I am using Orchestrator HTTP request to get the Queue Items with New status from Queue. When I ran the request in Swagger I can get the desired results. When I try to use same in Orchestrator HTTP request the Output JSON values as HTML page content. Not sure what need to pass in JSON Payload? If any workflow examples on Orchestrator HTTP can you please share.


Check this for JSON Payload -

Karthik Byggari

Thanks Karthik…I am looking for few example work flows on Orchestrator HTTP. If any one have can please share.

Okay. Let me check and update today.

Any sample WF for HTTP request

@Udayrayalla, You can use “HTTP request” activity available in “Microsoft.WebAPI.Activities” Package.

It is possible to retrieve data in JSON Format. Attaching a screenshot of the result obtained.


Hi @Udayrayalla and @Mayyur ,

Attaching a sample Sequence which uses HTTP Request to get Queue Items with Status ‘New’.

The variable strTenant must be assigned with Tenant from orchestrator.

First HTTP request, gets the Authorization token under Options : Body use your ClientID and Userkey of orchestrator.


HTTP Request.xaml (8.2 KB)

Apart from using Orchestrator HTTP request, is there any other way to get the queue items which are in a specific status?