Orchestrator - Getting data to the queue from an API Call

Hi team

I am kinda new with the UiPath and everything :slight_smile: so I have a question on how to get data from an API call, and transfer that data to an app, and give out a response to the system that the transcation has finished and go to the next queue.

The data will come into the system through a GET API call.

I would like to pull that data, put it in the queue.

Let’s say you have one GET with name, surname, address. That would be put into the queue.

Another GET, another item in the queue etc.

The robot to go through the data, and transfer the data to a Java app.

Read the name, surname,address, go to the Java app, ‘paste’ the information there, click Save and make a POST call that the data was successfully entered back to the system that provided the data.

Any help with this in UiPath Studio. How to achieve this?

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You API can trigger bot,
On trigger bot will start executing and json is fed to queue.

About data transfer, it depends on App.
Once data posting is done bot can do a call back in response.

I managed to do this. I need some time to learn how.

So if anyone is reading and needs this, you need

  1. HTTP Request (put in the GET request)
    Output > Result : strJSONObject (Make a new variable Ctrl+K and type this)

  2. Deserialize the object (activity)

  • InputString: strJSONObject
  • Output JsonObject : JSONObject
  1. Assign (activity)
    Type in the variable let’s say City = JSONObject.SelectToken(“city”).ToString
    (city is field from the JSON)

  2. Add Queue Item (activity)

  • QueueName = “ApiQueue1”

ApiQueue1 - is the name of the Queue in the Orchestrator.

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