Orchestrator does not work more than two pending

Why when the orchestrator is working more than two pending?

Could you please elaborate your question with detailed description, screenshots and steps to reproduce if possible? It would really help community members to guide you with a proper solution.

Have a looks at this,

Rammohan B.

Hi Sera,

I didn’t fully understand your question

I think this thread will be useful
You can only have one job pending per Process+Robot

You may want to look into other ways of ensuring your process continues running if that is the purpose of queuing up processes :thinking:


There is a valid use case for this since UiPath orchestrator now supports input parameters at the process level… Example: If you want to get data from a system with multiple tenants, a clean way is to create single dispatcher process that is configurable rather than copy the package, rename package and republish the renamed package.

If a running process takes long and 2 schedules of your process are launched with different configurations, then the 2nd schedule will be killed.