Orchestrator configure url

i am not able to configure the orchestrator URL in the bot machine
getting this error
Using Uipath trail version and the orchestrator URL : https://academy2016.uipath.com/

CE : 2017 edition
Orchestartor : https://platform.uipath.com/

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sorry dilip can you exlpain it in detail
Note:my robot is running in remote desktop

well you are trying to practice Orchestrator training exercises? Just try again it will work. are you following all steps mentioned?

I also getting same error.:disappointed:
My UIPath Version is : 2016.2.6274

Can you explain it in detail.


The Orchestrator URL your using is for the academy training purpose .If I recall correctly it will be valid for 7 days for each tenant.
You can make use of Orchestrator CE which is compatible with 2017 CE.

IF your using other version then there is chance of getting error.

Does your RDP meets the below requirement . Please check below.

my pc having 2GB RAM :frowning:
is this a issue ???