Orchestrator API visualization

Hi, I am working with Orchestrator’s Swagger API (mainly Jobs, Releases and ProcessSchedules endpoints) for one process that I currently develop. Details of the process are not really relevant.

What I could really is some visual mapping of the data these endpoints return and how is the data connected to other endpoints. E.g. Jobs endpoint returns job’s “Source” which (in case that the job was triggered by queue/schedule) is the “Name” in the ProcessSchedules.

Please, does anybody know if there is some resource available that would show these connections visually?


There is no visual representation created as such to show the relations but we have find it out in most of the cases


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Thank you. I am also able to get what I need just by looking around, but some visual representation would make things much easier.

maybe this can help:

taken from:

However we got triggered on a navigation property when do see an expandable XXXDto

And can also check:


Thank you. I do not know how I skipped this diagram and documentation. It is not as detailed as I would wish, but better than nothing at all :slight_smile:

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maybe grabbing the metadata like:

and feeding it to OpenAPI to Diagram tool (just do a quick google search) can also be an additional option

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I was thinking about that as well. From what I found after a brief search, this python script could be useful. I do not think that it will cover the relation of values between the endpoints, but I will be wiser after trying it. I did not have the chance yet, this will have to wait until I will get to my personal PC.