Orchestrator Api use case

What are the some practical use cases we need to call Orchestrator API.

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For example you can use API call to start some processes, to get the status and so on.
More details you can find here:

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as @Pablito said you can refer to the API information

And as you requested refer following links that show you the practical use cases of API


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In addition to what @Pablito @Maneesha_de_silva said, i would like to add few points regarding orchestrtor api use case as from my expereince

  1. To levarge use of orchestrator api call in web applications so as to call the process from the webpage itself.

  2. Orchestrator api helps to schedule jobs too, i had developed a practical example for it too
    see here

I had developed a app using uipath apps which helps to remind some task via telegram notification.

This app use the power of orchestrator api call to schedule jobs

So from this we can undertand that orchestrtor api helps to schedule jobs as per the requirements.

Well u can do other operations too using orchestrator API call

Orchestror API is a powerfull tool to be explore !!!

To learn more about orchestrator api

refer this channel

This has good content around api calls made by champ @Priyanka_Bhalere


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