Orchestrator API query functions

Hi guys,

I am querying the QueueItemEvents in our on-premise Swagger UI.
When I use a simple $filter=Status eq ‘Successful’ there is a hit with code 200.

But when I try to filter with a string function like $filter=contains(Timestamp,‘2019-12’) to get only events from December 2012 it gives a code 400 with body:

“message”: “Invalid OData query options.”,
“errorCode”: 1000,
“resourceIds”: null

What am I missing?

can you really use contains for a date field tho? also i think dates must be like ```

Try this:
$filter = Timestamp gt 2019-12-01T00:00:00.00Z and Timestamp lt 2019-12-31T00:00:00.00Z

You can use the following function operators (with examples):



@bcorrea It is not a date field. The model describes the field as string.

@Adrian_Star Your custom timestamp filter worked. I tried it before but with the single quotation marks like this: ‘2020-01-17T07:22:33.424Z’. Thanks!

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isnt uipath using odata v2.0 tho?

I’m not fluent in this. I’m still learning.

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