Orchestrator API Authentication Error


It’s no issues for more questions But expecting solution, my project is pending because of authentication error.
I am copying access token not id_token.
ALso added content type but getting same issue for new token

What is the URL you used to authentication @autpat?

We have to use the URL : https://account.uipath.com/oauth/token


Yes using same URL https://account.uipath.com/oauth/token
with Headers as below:
X-UIPATH-TenantName as tenantName
grant_type as refresh_token

And Body as below:

    "grant_type": "refresh_token",
    "client_id": "{{clientId}}",
    "refresh_token": "{{userKey}}"

Heyy @autpat,

Can we try to do that from the scratch, or else can we connect if you have a chance

Hi Hareesh,

Sure will connect, please let me know on which channel you want to connect and at what time you will be available.

Just one quick question,
Is it a community edition or Cloud enterprise trial version

It’s community edition.

May be webex @autpat

Please share the link

Hi Hareesh,

Let me know when you will join.

Hi @autpat,

Was the issue resolved?
I am also facing the same issue.
I have gone through number of posts and link. I think issue is related to cookies being saved in Postman. I did try clearing and running the api request again still not helping.

Hi Rinki,

You should access the endpoints based on your own URL, like so:
https://cloud.uipath.com/[Account Logical Name]/[Tenant Logical Name]/odata/Releases

Try above request and use the https://cloud.uipath.com/[Account Logical Name]/[Tenant Logical Name] same for all other request as well

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Ok thank you @autpat. I will try it out.


Please have a look at the below video.

Orchestrator API - Authenticate

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