Orchestarator issue

Since orchestrator upgradation had happened am not able to see Robots, machine, queue, Jobs many other functionalities. If any one have URL or any solution ? Please let me know . I am using community edition.

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Check this thread:

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Hi @Tanushree

Since the upgrade, we have to connect to the orchestrator through the cloud platform. So basically, once you login to the cloud platform, under Services, you will see your orchestrator listed. Click on that to navigate to the orchestrator. There you will be able to see the robots and queues as they were before.

I checked mine just now and it works fine for me…

Cloud platform


Check @lakshman’s posts too for additional infor.

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Buddy @Tanushree
we can still use https://platform.uipath.com
–once after getting to this link, login with any common authentication method either with google, linkedin or microsoft, with a account you have in them
–after logging in, go to services tab and click on your tenant name
–then you will directed to your tenant in orchestrator cloud where you can see all the tabs you want like Robots,Machine,Queue,Jobs

Cheers buddy @Tanushree

Thank you all,
I can see now.


Thanks Palaniyappan